The Houses


Delacroix.png Delacroix

The Delacroix family are as welcoming as they are cruel. Intelligent, creative, and prone to fits of insanity.

Goldstrider.png Goldstrider

Radyn and his family have ruled over these lands for many generations, some say they were the original house to settle here, but none can recall far enough back to know for sure.
They are obsessed with money and wealth of all kinds even in the form of power, preferring to forge alliances and paying the highest bid rather than outright war. (After all…war is so expensive these days..)

Kreois.png Kreios

Every man, women and child inside each of the clans walls have learned to defend it. Each and every blood moon (happens every 2 years) the clans are brought together to bare arms and test their strength in the arena, the chieftains have the chance to challenge other clans especially the city of Kaldar to a one on one duel, invoking whoever wins gains the rights of rulership over the other combatants lands. However with this you can only challenge a stronger clan, otherwise it is deemed unworthy and weak. However another member of the same clan can challenge their chieftain whenever, believing he is stronger and fit to rule the clan. The clan’s differences are pushed aside when it comes to battle another province, war banding together to crush their enemies.

Rharst_copy.png Rharst

Built upon the fallen realm which succumbed to Anarchy, Rhast was forever changed when the goddess Celestia imparted her will and sacrament (“The Heavenly Incarna”) to its people to bring law and order to the realm. The sacrament imparted the knowledge of soul binding a celestial spirit with that of a human one. The process is believed to have created the first elf, extending their natural life force so they live longer and age slower. Needless to say the sacrament brought order to the realm, indoctrinating the people to a common goal and purpose, to create heaven on earth. Not everyone in Rharst has underwent the Exalt ceremony, however for all those that wish to live in the nations capital Utopia, it is compulsory as ordained by the imperator.

Scorthex.png Scorthex

The Scorthex are fanatical in their worship of Scarthess, the scorpion god, which they believe delivered them from violet plague. The family are patience and resilient when faced with adversity, trusting in Scarthess to see their region rise again.

Saltspite.png Saltspite

The Saltspite family are seen as being prone to flights of fancy and generally scoundrels.

The Houses

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