Throughout the history of The Realm the organisations, guilds and sects found across the land have played an important part in shaping kingdoms of the first families.

Musterion.png Musterion

The Musterion are an organisation largely responsiable for arcane arts in The Realm. The Musterion first came to prominence during the second age however their power was not fully released until they found the cure to the Stygian Blight of the third age and used it to bargain for a seat on the Council of Nine

The Musterion are secretive and dark, with many people within The Realm finding them strangely unsettling.

sisterhood.png The Sisterhood of Mother Augustine

The Sisterhood of Mother Augustine, commonly known as The Sisters or The Mothers, was founded during the Stygian Blight of the third age. The Sisters would tend to those struck down by the blight, with the people of The Realm still holding a large amount of respect and admiration for The Sisterhood of Mother Augustine.

The_Apostals.png The Apostals

The Apostals are both academics and engineers and are responsible for the engineering of the first aqueduct during the Stygian Blight of the second age. Their numbers are small and many of the members are seen as… eccentric however most people tolerate them for the technological advances they bring to The Realm.

Tharn.png The Tharn

The Tharn are knowledge keepers within The Realm, elected to stay out of the politics of the First Families and instead vowing to chronicle the role of years. The Tharns knowledge has given them access to minor wealth which the use to acquire more texts and accounts regarding the historr of The Realm.


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