Narrative Points


A ‘Narrative Point’ is a special game mechanic that allows you to affect the world in a variety of different ways, allowing you to directly shape the world and story around you. Narrative points may be used in your best interest or may be designed to cause trouble for another class.

Everyone will receive three narrative points at every council meeting. You will also have an opportunity to earn narrative points through role playing and contribution to ‘In the Name of the King’. You may have a maximum of five narrative points at any one time.

Narrative points can be used in the following way:

Kingdom Characters: You may use a narrative point to create a character to fill a leadership role within your kingdom. A list of leadership roles can be found on the Kingdom Building overview. When you use a narrative point in this fashion you may designate the class, stat points and skill points for your character as well as creating there personality and back story. All characters created in this fashion will be level 4.
Realm Characters: You may use a narrative point to create a character for one of the NPC houses or organisations within The Realm. You may designate their class and create their personality and back story, including their role within their house and The Realm.

For example: You may wish to use a narrative point to create the head of the Sisterhood of Mother Augustine. Additionally you may wish to create Brightmyre’s son.
Minor Houses: You can use a narrative point to create a minor house of the realm. You may designate their history and their role within The Realm. You may also designate which city their family resides however if you wish for your minor house to reside in a rivals kingdom you must consult with them first.

If you wish to create any specific members of the house, for example the head of the house, then you must spend an additional narrative point and use the guidelines listed in ‘Kingdom Character’ creation.
Organisation: You may spend a narrative on the creation of an organisation. This is the same as creating a minor house.

Additional uses for using Narrative Points will be added once players begin to manage their kingdoms.

Narrative Points

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