In the name of the King

A new age begins.

So sits the Council of Nine

The new age began with new hope. The First Families, amongst them the Karune, as well as the Musterion congregated:

The First Families are ushered into a large and elaborate room in Blackliegh Keep, a grand and regal building that towers over the city of Aldoak. The room itself is sparsely decorated with a large round table sitting in the centre. The walls are adorned with rich tapestries depicting scenes from The Realms extensive and sometimes dark past. Images of ancestors look out upon the room with judging demeanours. On the outer walls of the central chamber are nine doors, each leading to a smaller private quarter to be used by each family during the council meeting. Laid out on the central table is a lavish feast; the end of the Stygian Blight is a cause worth celebrating after all.

Sitting in the largest chair is the ageing figure of Aemeric Brightmyre. His silver beard runs down his gold plated chest plate, a purple cape clasped to his shoulders. Beside him sits a figure in a shimmering grey rob, the obsidian patterns of the Musterion dragon swirl with every movement; as if the dragons themselves have taken flight across darken skies. The man is easily recognisable as Arch Mage Ysheth; his dark skin accentuates his blue grey eyes that pierce those who find themselves in the way of his gaze. Whilst sitting lower than Aemeric he still manages to tower over him, with the candle lit shadows dancing across his bald head adding to the menacing effect.



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