‘In the name of the King’ is a competitive kingdom building campaign where each player takes control of a ruling family and their quest for fortune, glory and most importantly power.

The backdrop for this political drama is a land simply known as The Realm, an ancient place of dark secrets and eldritch dangers. For over one hundred years The Realm had been ravaged by the Stygian Blight, an unknown disease that spread famine and pestilence throughout the land and brought the ruling families to their knees. But the time of the Blight is over and the land once again gushes with the promise of wealth and power… for those strong enough to grasp it.

‘In the name of the King’ utilises the Pathfinder RPG kingdom building rules with each week representing one month within The Realm. The game is played by seven players and their respective houses; Delacroix, Goldstrider, Karune, Kreios, Rharst, Saltspire and Scorthex.

Who will rule In the Name of the King?

In the name of the King

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